Being healthy starts with being informed. Mobile technology takes the “being informed” part to a whole new level if you use it effectively.

There are a whole slew of apps dedicated to health and fitness in Apple’s app store, and Android Market has its fair share too. The most beneficial apps in this genre are those that let you quickly get calorie counts for thousands of known dishes at restaurants and popular recipes.

Mobile devices like iPhones, Droids, etc. allow you to retrieve this information in seconds. I use an app on my Droid called Calorie Counter, and I can often get calorie counts on menu items while standing in line at a counter service restaurant. By the time I’m at the front of the line, I can make an informed decision.

What’s been most startling to me is that often menu items that sound healthy are not the healthiest choice. In some cases, I’ve even found that some better-tasting sandwiches have fewer calories than their healthier-sounding counterparts.

What health and fitness apps do you use?