I'm going to take a break from writing about passwords. . . at least for a little while.  Here is a recap of the password posts I've made in the last few weeks: Start caring about passwords - Why passwords are extremely important in the current era of the web and common pitfalls.

Continuing our quest for a better password - Tips and tricks for creating strong passwords without using software.

Another great password trick - A short post describing a nice password trick shared by a Lifehacker reader.

More perils along the journey to a better password - Highlighting the problem with using passwords on non-https sites and the perils of using the same password for multiple sites.

Continuing our password journey: moving from complexity to simplicity - Why you should use a password manager program to create, manage, and use passwords.

Tips for password management on a PC - A review of two great options for password management on a PC.

1Password: my top recommendation for password management on a Mac - My personal favorite password manager and why.

You can always find these and future posts on passwords by clicking tag: passwords.