Not long ago, I changed the theme here at practically efficient, and wouldn't you know it, I've done it again. I was having some trouble with styling consistency and other annoyances that were detracting from the readability of the site. Rather than reinventing wheels by playing with CSS and other time-sucking, fiddly website odds and ends, I decided to outsource it to the pros by upgrading to Thesis 1.7.

I should have tried Thesis a long time ago. If you have a WordPress blog and are tired of spending your time tweaking the layout, Thesis is a great choice. It's the most intuitive WordPress theme design system I've ever seen. It also throws a Google welcoming party behind the scenes 24/7.

I'm always on the lookout for ways of making my life, work, and hobbies more efficient. Recognizing when you can avoid reinventing the wheel is probably 75% of the battle if not more.

If you're struggling with something that's keeping you out of reach of where you want to be, it's worth looking for ways of leveraging the work of others. It's more true today than ever. Wheels are being invented everywhere at lightspeed. Don't waste time reinventing or spinning yours.