In my mind, there are a handful of iOS apps that absolutely embody the spirit and purity of Mac productivity. One such app is Simplenote.

Simplenote is more than an app, however. It’s a highly reliable, super-fast syncing service that keeps your text notes everywhere you are… as long as you're holding an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Wait, what?

Yes, now Android users can access their Simplenote data on their phones using SolidNote, a simple note-taking app that syncs with Simplenote’s servers.

SolidNote is available in Android Market for only £1.  I have been using SolidNote for about a week. It’s working great for me.

With SolidNote, you can add new notes, edit existing notes, and read all of your Simplenote notes right in the app.

SolidNote may not have quite the elegance factor of the iPhone Simplenote app, but it works. It’s also worth far more than £1.

Bringing Simplenote to Android is mutually beneficial.  Now, I can utilize Android’s great speech to text recognition to compose and edit notes. I actually wrote (spoke) a few paragraphs of a blog draft a few days ago when I had some time to kill. It worked great.

I hope I never get over my amazement of cloud syncing. The fact that I can capture a thought on any device – virtually anywhere in the world at any moment – and have it immediately available on other devices is magical. Absolutely magical.