Last month, I stated that August 2010 was the highest traffic month ever in PE’s short history. At the time, I didn’t think I would be able to make that statement again the following month. I was wrong.

September 2010 saw yet another solid increase in traffic. I’m really overwhelmed and humbled by the response. And I’m also really enjoying learning from everyone that comments here and contacts me by email.

Highlights from a Practically Efficient September

  • In “A moment for the mundane,” I talk about the value of taken-for-granted things in your workflows, like cut/copy/paste and undo. I also illustrated a few ways I use TextExpander to automate writing in Markdown.
  • I dumped my thoughts about Google’s 20 percent time policy, why I value creative time, and I also discussed how the Industrial Revolution era is finally waning.
  • If you’re an RSS power user, you might be leaving some efficiency on the table if you haven’t thought about how you organize your feeds. If you’ve been to RSS hell, come back soon.
  • The month ended on a high note. Lots of new folks PE came my way via Patrick Rhone of Minimal Mac to see a few things I’ve written about TextExpander, Markdown, and how I use them in my writing workflows.