I like bananas. Some would say that I am bananas. They would be right a lot of the time. But anyway… I don’t remember exactly when, but sometime last year, I stumbled across the following video, which shows how to peel a banana like a monkey:

[youtube nBJV56WUDng]

I immediately realized I had been wrecking the stem end of bananas my entire life. I might as well have been a caveman trying to smash the damn thing with a rock.

More importantly, I’d unknowingly made this avoidable blunder maybe a thousand times or more, and I never once stopped to question it.

But since watching that video, I’ve peeled every single one of them the “right” way. I evolved. It feels good to catch up with the other members of my biological order. Now if only I had a prehensile tail…

Practically efficient lessons and other monkey business

  • Opportunity exists in every little regularly occurring frustration in your life.
  • Many problems you have today were solved eons ago.
  • The web (version 2.0) makes it easier to find wheels that have already been invented.
  • Explore: question, search.
  • Get better: learn, improve.
  • Contribute: solve, illustrate, teach.

What unfortunate truths of your old universe have you debunked to become a higher-functioning primate?

Watch a real monkey eat a banana.