If you’d like to see a video presentation of some of the writing tools I discuss here at PE, I have some great news. Yuvi Zalkow created a excellent video that covers distraction-free writing tools like TextExpander, Notational Velocity, and many more. I really enjoyed Yuvi’s video and presentation style.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer” or “novelist,” I highly recommend that you think about the concepts in Yuvi’s video.  They're useful for anyone that builds things from text. In other words, anyone that bangs on a keyboard.

I’d particularly like for you to question the utility of bulky word processors like MS Word in your workflow. Word can really be a productivity killer by inviting you to “publish as you write.”

Write, arrange, then publish. Use the right tool for the job at each step. I guarantee that you'll see a better product pop out at the end.