I always enjoy meeting PE readers through email, no matter the reasons they write.

Yeah, that just happened. I said I like getting email. I’m not someone that wants you to think I’m too important to respond to your emails. I’m just crazy like that.

Whether you want to tell me I’m way wrong, way right, or just say hi, I don’t care. Feedback is vital for improvement, and improvement is something I’m kinda fond of.

It’s especially fun when folks send me links to their own great work. That’s how I find out about really cool things that I can share with others. Like what? Well, like Christian Tietze’s version of Notational Velocity and Yuvi Zalkow’s great video on writing tools.

If these guys hadn’t emailed me, I might not have found their work. And I definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to swap ideas with them.

Even if it's not your own work, if you have something you think I would enjoy, send it to me.

Guest blogging

To date, I haven’t had any guests write for PE. I’d like to change that. If you want to write something that you think fits in with the theme here at PE (whatever the hell that is), let me know. I’ll even help you edit it if you want.

If you want to contribute, let me know.