Thank you. Practically Efficient recently picked up its 500th RSS subscriber, a cool milestone in the short history here. On top of that, several hundred more people regularly visit Practically Efficient on a typical day. And there've been a few occasions in the last month or two when it's gone into the thousands. Practically Efficient’s archives date back to February 2010, but I really didn’t start filling it up with words until June.

Since then, the subscriber and traffic growth has been steady. It’s quite a honor to know that other people enjoy reading the thoughts that occupy my head (whether I write them down or not).

In recognition of the fact that people like reading this stuff, I’m making it even easier to follow things here. At the bottom of the site, I added another way to follow PE: @PractEff on Twitter. This is a static, auto-generated feed of the posts here. I actually set it up a while ago, but haven’t really advertised it, so it’s pretty lonely right now.

And I know some folks love email, so that’s an option too. Just click on the envelope icon at the bottom of the site, and give it your email address. You’ll get an email for each post, provided that your spam filter doesn’t unduly assert itself.

Thanks again. It’s been fun so far, and I have some interesting ideas on the horizon for Practically Efficient. Can't wait to see where it goes.