Do you use more than one browser at a time? Do you ever want to open a link in a browser other than the one you’re currently in? I’ve already written about how I use two browsers to increase productivity. I also wrote a tip on efficiently dragging files from one window to another when you have lots of windows open.

Turns, out I can drag links from one browser to another in much the same way I illustrated file dragging.

How to drag a link from one browser to another

This example assumes I find the link in Chrome (e.g. in an email), but I want to view it in Safari.

  1. Click and begin dragging the link in Chrome.
  2. While still holding down your mouse/trackpad, press Command+Tab.
  3. Drag and point your mouse pointer at the Safari icon in the app switcher.
  4. Release the Command and Tab keys. Safari will appear on top now.
  5. Continue dragging and release on the URL field in Safari.

The link will load in Safari.

To better illustrate this simple technique (as well as practice a little screencasting), I put together the following short video using QuickTime X:

[youtube _RbG3n9iCUs]