The Big Web Show, hosted by 5by5’s Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin, has earned a permanent spot in my weekly podcast lineup. If you enjoy hearing interviews with inspiring internet-famous folks that just ooze inspiration, keep your ear on this one. Here are three episodes I’ve recently enjoyed:

  • Episode 29: Matt Mullenweg. Matt is the founding developer of WordPress. Anyone who blogs (or reads blogs) on the .org or .com flavor of WordPress owes him a big thanks for his creation. In this episode, he also mentions the adjacent possible, a concept I wrote a bit about not long ago. (Hat tip to Bobulate for bringing this one to my attention.)
  • Episode 26: Gary Vaynerchuck. I loved his book Crush It and eagerly await his next, The Thank You Economy. If you don’t want to run out and build an empire, found a charity, or save an endangered species after hearing Gary talk for ten minutes, there’s something wrong with you.
  • Episode 10: Jason Fried. Jason, CEO and co-founder of 37 Signals, really gets the new knowledge economy. This entire episode is great, but the end is a fireworks show of insight. “Less is always an option.” So good; so, so good.