After seeing my writeup of the text utility CleanHaven a few days ago, reader Eric was nice enough to send me a link to another handy text cleaning tool: DEVON Technology’s WordService. Being a service, not an app, WordService is available for duty just about everywhere, where everywhere = Cocoa apps and such.

To use WordService, just select the text you want to clean up, then go to the Services menu. Click Reformat. Even better, use the keyboard shortcut Command-&.

I’m finding that WordService is really handy for cleaning up small chunks of text on the fly. For example, when I copy text from PDF documents, there are usually lots of unwelcome returns. WordService's Reformat routine zaps all that cruft in one shot.

WordService is free. You can find a download link at DEVON’s download page. Simply copy the .service file to your services folder, ~/Library/Services, and you're all set.

What services are you using to streamline your text workflows?