For a lot of folks who nest somewhere in the Apple ecosystem, today’s Verizon iPhone announcement is a yawner. I’ve been waiting a long time, though. AT&T simply doesn’t work where I am most of the day. It doesn’t work at all in my office and barely works in the building I occupy on a regular basis for my day job. What’s more, I visit several rural destinations regularly where the atmosphere is totally devoid of an AT&T signal. I’ve seen iPhones tragically turn into iPods too many times in those destinations.

So, I’ve been with Verizon and Android since late 2009.

And I’m really glad.

I’ve had a perspective that other 2011 iPhone owners may never have. It’s allowed me to try two very good technologies and make a choice that truly reflects my needs.

I will be choosing a Verizon iPhone in February. I won’t go into why because it really doesn’t matter. It just fits me and my many workflows. My decision is based on the sum of many little things.

Make sure you find what fits you, too. The only way to know is to balance experimentation with getting things done. The sweet spot is finding technologies that let you have fun doing both.