We scoff at the polytheistic beliefs of the ancients. We cringe at old medical practices like blood letting. We sit on this current spot in time amazed that people used to believe in witches that could cast spells. In a few decades, people will laugh at us today for calling our devices “wireless.” I mean, come on. I've never had so many wires in my life.

Wireless we're 'knot'

I have an iPhone. My wife has a Blackberry. That's two chargers times two for travel times two for the cars. I have an iPad. I have an iPod Nano. We have a GPS device in one car. We have a portable satellite radio, which needs no less than the three wires to function. We have two rechargeable flashlights, each with their own unique charger. We have rechargeable scissors; two pairs actually. I have a GPS watch that uses the same charger as a Blackberry, just not the model Blackberry my wife has. I have a MacBook Pro. My wife has a Lenovo laptop. I have two wireless routers at home, each tethered by three wires. We have a digital point and shoot camera with a charger and a digital SLR with another. I could go on.

I could probably build a pterodactyl nest using the wire in my car alone. My nightstand rivals Fort Knox in security because no burglar would ever be able to free it from the lashing that holds it in place. And every time I'm in a hotel room, I pull a Christmas Vacation-esque knot of wires out of my bag.

So all that to say, I’m ready for wireless to really get here. It sure as hell isn’t here yet.