I basically agree with all of Marco Arment’s thoughts on the iPad 2. And I won’t be running out to upgrade. I’ve owned the firstborn iPad as long as anyone else. I bought mine the moment it was available to order. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • The iPad isn’t a toy (unless you want it to be). It isn’t a gimmick. If it is, I’m the biggest fool in the world. I use it almost every single day. Sure, the iPad can be fun, but it has real utility, too.
  • I didn’t pay extra for 3G, and I’m glad. I’m almost always around Wi-Fi when using my iPad. The iPad is more “computer” than “phone.” You’re not going to be reading Twitter on it while you wait in line at the grocery store. I don’t miss 3G on my MacBook Pro, and I don’t miss it on my iPad. If you need 3G, I recommend spreading your dollars across more devices by getting a MiFi or using another mobile device as a hotspot.
  • I wasted $100 buying the 32 GB version. I’ve used barely half of my iPad’s storage, and most of that is music. I never use the iPod app on the iPad. Ever. I could easily remove the music and not miss it. The only time I ever use an iPod (device or app) is while exercising.
  • The iPad has revolutionized how I read. I’ve always been a reader, but I read even more on the iPad. More books, more of the web, and more PDF. It’s great, and I love it. The Kindle and iBooks stores love me and my one-click payments, too.
  • The iPad is powerful writing device – even without a bluetooth keyboard. The iPad has created a niche that I like to think of as “casual creation.” I don’t write for long periods of time on it, but it’s allowed me to capture some really important thoughts – thoughts that are often triggered by reading something on the iPad and thoughts that arrive when I'm sans MacBook. Cumulatively, this type of productivity really adds up.

As I said above, I won’t be in line when the iPad 2 hits stores. The firstborn still feels lightning fast to me, and it will continue to feel that way for a while. Its older sibling's cameras and beefier processor don’t offer much for my current workflows.

That said, the iPad 2 offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to enter the world of tablet computing and join the legions who are sailing into the post-PC era on the iPad flagship. This isn't a fad, and there's never been a better time to try an iPad in your workflow.