Scanner Pro ($7) is one of the most practical apps I’ve ever used on the iPhone. It essentially turns your iPhone camera into a full-blown scanner. While there are other apps that perform a similar function, the killer feature in Scanner Pro is the way it handles multi-page documents. You can quickly photograph pages in succession, crop each one, then process them right on the iPhone to get high-quality PDF scans. From there, you can email, fax, upload to Evernote, Dropbox, and more.

The scan quality rivals a traditional scanner. I’ve been using it to scan everything from fine news print to handwritten notes. I even used it to scan a multi-page magazine article recently so that I could read it later in Evernote.

Being able to create multi-page PDF scans of notes, printed text, receipts, images, and more using a device that lives in your pocket is really game changing.