It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Apple products – whether you know me in text or flesh. More generally than silver unibodies and touch screens, though, I’m a fan of things that work. I like buying experiences. I love technology that doesn’t connote the word technology and computers that aren’t called computers. And even more than I like things that work, I like introducing other people to things that work.

I’ve always cast a not-so-insignificant technology halo that affects the decisions of others. And I know that my Apple orientation has, without a doubt, affected the decisions of friends and family around me. For the better, I think.

Of everyone in my immediate-to-nearly-immediate family, however, my wife was the longest holdout. But even she finally agreed to try out an 11” MacBook Air after being absolutely fed up with her Lenovo “ultraportable” laptop, which stays tethered to a wall because the battery can’t go more than thirty minutes.1

The payoff came at the end of the very first night she used it:

“So do I turn it off now?” she asked.

“No, just close the lid.”

“So I don’t shut it down or anything?”

“Nah, just close the lid, and it will sleep. When you open the lid later, it will come right back on.”


Things that work.

  1. It’s a four-year-old machine, and it’s on it’s third battery. Each battery has cost us over $100.