Reality is a moving average of past experiences: The world is what you feel of it, and you feel it with what you know.

Often, you put more weight on the recent past, but really, every moment in your life affects how the present and future reflect off of your perceptions.

Now that I’ve held the future in my arms, I’m looking forward to seeing how I see him more than ever. The birth of my son is going to have huge impact on my life, and I’m likely to learn at least as much from him as I'll teach in return.

But before I get too far on that trip, thank you.

I was not expecting so many kind words to flow in through comments, email, and Twitter. It was very much appreciated.

Oh, and I promise Practically Efficient won’t turn into a baby blog. Though the posts may be baby-sized for a while.1

  1. This is probably a good thing.