Arq pe

A big ole ten-gallon hat tip to everyone that recommended Arq after I wrote about how I’m using Amazon S3.

Arq is a simple but powerful S3 client written exclusively for the Mac. Whether you want to make sure your data can ride out a Biblical flood or you just want to march a few bytes two by two into Amazon’s cloud, Arq is a great choice for making it happen.

Things I really like about Arq:

  • The Time Machine-like backup scheme is awesome.
  • Arq encrypts your files.
  • I can pause an upload for X minutes.1
  • Easy to add folders to backup plan.
  • Easy to browse backups right within Arq’s interface.
  • Drag and drop restore.
  • One-time cost ($30) instead of recurring.
  • A “budget” feature lets you assign a cost ceiling. Arq will delete data as needed to stay in your S3 budget.
  • If your Mac sleeps or goes offline, Arq picks right back up the next time it sees the internet.

What I might improve:

  • An overall progress bar would be nice. Arq shows an individual progress bar for each folder you’ve chosen for backup.

  • For excluded folders, I’d love a way to browse and “check” specific folders instead of using the text and path filter.

  1. I really love the pause feature. It’s great when you want to temporarily free up your network to do other data transfers (e.g. FTP or video upload). Arq gets right back to its thing after the pause.