If lately it sounds like I’ve been coming from a different planet, it’s because I’ve been using MarsEdit to post here. I really love MarsEdit and highly recommend it to anyone that routinely publishes words on the web.

Benefits of MarsEdit

  • You spend less time in the WordPress dashboard
  • You spend less time in the WordPress dashboard (worth mentioning twice)
  • Editing post names, tags, and slugs is so much more intuitive than doing it in the WordPress dashboard
  • Previews happen instantly
  • Drafts and scheduled posts stay local (as a backup)
  • By spending less time in a web browser, you’ll probably be more productive and less distracted

My current workflow

  1. Draft posts in Markdown amid the textual chaos I create in my Notational folder using nvALT and TextMate (depending on my mood).
  2. Get drafts to a 98 percent state of done-ness, then ⌘A, ⌘C to copy the Markdown.
  3. Jump to MarsEdit using LaunchBar. ⌘N for new post.
  4. ⌘V to Paste.1
  5. ⌘A to select all, then ^⌥⌘M to convert to HTML using a ‘MultiMarkdown to HTML’ service.

  1. I have ‘HTML text’ as my default under the Editing tab in MarsEdit’s Preferences.