A few snapshots of how some smart people are using my favorite digital notebook / word processor / thought capturing app.

Dave Caolo:

Several months ago I started using nvALT and Simplenote as a portable electronic notebook. Both apps are easy to use and offer near ubiquitous access to my stuff. Today, that combo is my Great Database of Everything, from reference emails to post ideas and driving directions.

Justin Blanton:

I too throw everything into nvALT these days. I love it. The main differences between my workflow and Dave’s are that I don’t use Simplenote for syncing—I use Dropbox (why rope into my setup yet another third-party service?)—and I use Notesy on my iOS devices. (If there’s a better Dropbox-aware note-taking app for iOS, then I haven’t come across it.)

Fletcher Penney:

When I tag something in DEVONThink, the relevant file’s OpenMeta is updated. If it’s a text document synchronized via nvAlt, then that OpenMeta is used to update the tags inside of Simplenote. Which means that the tags on my iPhone are updated. Automagically.