Whether you’re an app developer biting your nails at a WWDC keynote, a teacher in a contracting school district, or a cubicle worker waiting on a Friday 5 PM email announcing the sale of your division, it’s coming.

Change is in the cosmic mail.

Since the economy took an extended leave to Shitsville in 2008, I’ve seen a lot of disruptive change. The idea that you go to college, settle down, and work in the same job or make the same product for the next three decades is an idea that now belongs in a museum of 20th century Americana.

I don't care who you work for, stop thinking of them as a boss or a company. Think of them as a client. Think of yourself as a business. And start thinking like that right now.

One day—maybe soon—your client will tell you they no longer need your services. When that happens, the business of you had better be ready.  Businesses usually need more than one client in their lifetimes after all.

Even if you can't diversify your client base now, at least diversify your portfolio of interests. Focus is more important than ever, but you have to be ready to focus on something else.