Sven Fechner on boundless contexts:

Today, where ever you are, most of your tools are always available. Your smartphone travels with you and allows you not only to do phone calls, but read and respond to email, browse the web, access collaboration and corporate tools and do your banking. Most of the time we also either carry a laptop or a tablet computer with us, which provides even more tools and possibilities. And with 3G networks and WiFi hotspots being available at nearly every street corner, internet connectivity has long moved away from the static office or home environment.

It’s an excellent point. I find myself confronting the "everywhere context" problem more and more often. My solution has been to pare down the number of contexts I use.

Sven went so far as to rebuild his entire OmniFocus system using a more cerebral set of contexts. Definitely check out his post if your OmniFocus contexts have become a little too omnipresent.