If you listened in earnest to the constructive exchange between Merlin and Dan on episodes 23 and 24 of Back to Work and David in Juggling, it probably means you’re a juggler. Maybe you like juggling. Or maybe you’re trying to figure out which ball you like holding the most.

Either way, you’ll probably want to read how Cat Stevenson rationalizes being a “slash careerist”:

A decade ago, working two careers might have seemed less than glamorous – but it’s no longer viewed as a second job or a slave-driving way to make ends meet; instead, it’s seen as a well-rounded fulfillment. A smart, secure Plan B. An alternate route to a more promising future.

Her advice on how to quit the job(s) you like least to focus on those you like more is really good, too. My favorite step is the very first one: start.

When we whole-heartedly pursue our interests or participate in activities that foster our growth, the Universe is awesome in its return.

My advice

As long as you can work on jobs A, B, C, or D and not think about the others, there’s nothing wrong with juggling.

Whether you juggle or not, be absolutely engrossed in what you’re doing right now. Love your moments, and maximize the sum of your moments.