BJ McGeever offers an insightful follow-up to my comments on natural scrolling:

In any case, the change, or at least a look into the merit of a change, is a necessary one. The multi-touch trackpad is an input device unlike any of its predecessors. With the advent of new technology, we must not simply make it fit to our current patterns and habits of usage, but rather reexamine and redefine our thinking to accommodate the new opportunities it affords us.

Some really smart people put a lot of thought into natural scrolling. My advice: Give it three days before you render a verdict.1 Not three seconds. In the grand scheme of your computing life, three days is not a huge time investment.

If natural scrolling doesn't take, do what’s right for you. But keep in mind that you're usually better off learning to swim with currents than against. It doesn’t take a ton of imagination to see where computer interface design is going.

  1. For me, three days was all it took. I really like natural scrolling. Also noteworthy: I’ve abandoned my Magic Mouse. The MacBook trackpad has become extremely versatile for me.