Dr. Drang tried BBEdit, but he isn’t leaving TextMate any time soon:

TextMate understands that files of prose and files of source code have very different needs, and it uses scopes to adjust its behavior to the type of file you’re working on. More important, it recognizes that sometimes your file will have different sections and will need different scopes for each section. A Markdown document, for example, can include HTML, and that HTML can include CSS and JavaScript—TextMate uses multiple scopes and nested scopes to account for this and give you the appropriate highlighting and commands.

Like other TextMate users, I'm worried that TextMate's days are numbered. Any application can only survive so many OS updates without development. But as Dr. Drang goes on to say, TextMate still works on Lion. There’s no immediate reason to switch (assuming you're at home and happy in TextMate).

For now, TextMate’s innumerable features and its scope intelligence have me addicted for certain work. For example, I can’t imagine undertaking large LaTeX projects in any other editor.

But I know that one day, if left undeveloped, TextMate will either get crushed or severely maimed by a Mac OS update. Until that day comes, I’m not going to deny myself the convenience of TextMate.