Compared to most people you read in the Apple realm, I’m a relative newcomer. I can’t say that I ever owned a Lisa, or an Apple II, or a Newton. Hell, I never even owned a PowerBook.

I can say that when I became captivated with Apple products a few years ago, it was the best decision I ever made. Sure I love the technology for reasons too numerous to list, but the best part was discovering the people.

There are no people like Apple people. I can’t think of anything even remotely close to the culture that exists around Apple products. No other “user base” is as passionate about what they use.

The most unanticipated and greatest benefit I’ve had of writing this site for the past year are the wonderful friendships I’ve made with other Apple people who share the same passion and enthusiasm as I.

I’m hopeful that people will always matter more than technology, and I think that as long as companies like Apple design technology to fit people, that will be the case.

The successful model of human-centric computing, I believe, is the greatest gift given us by the greatest Apple person of all.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for your encore performance. Thank you for disrupting technology in the best way possible, when you did.

Thank you for making it about us.