This article documents the typical steps needed to locate Microsoft Excel's "Hide Sheet" command in the event that the highly intuitive ribbon interface fails you.

First on a PC (Office 2010), then on a Mac (Office for Mac 2011).

On a PC

Enter Help, and search for what you want: "hide sheet".

Hide sheet 1

Nothing obvious. How about "hide worksheet"?

Hide sheet 2

Okay then. Maybe "hide tab"?

Hide sheet 3

To Google. . .

Hide sheet 4

Looks promising. . . "hide sheets in excel 2010" is probably what we want.

Hide sheet 5

Bingo. Top hit. Thank you,

Hide sheet 6

Silly me. I shoulda known "hide sheet" is a visibility feature, which is logically a formatting concept that anyone with any common sense would plant on the ribbon's Home tab.

On a Mac

Hide sheet excel mac

Back to work.