Hazel maid small

Hazel is probably the greatest never-think-about-it application for the Mac I know of. She doesn’t get talked about enough, so that’s what this post is: me talking about her. . . I mean it.

It's also a selfish attempt at learning more about my favorite Mac maid… ‘cause I get the feeling I’m still not using her—it. . . it, dammit—enough. Let me know how you use Hazel in the comments.

How I use Hazel… mostly

Download folder management:

Desktop management:

  • Move screenshots with a -pe suffix to a folder2
  • Delete screenshots (i.e. files containing screen shot in the name) that are older than one day


  1. If you regularly download any kind of file and manually move it to another folder, you should go buy Hazel now. I’m not joking. End that madness.

  2. I usually put -pe on the end of screenshots that I use in posts here. I like working off of my Desktop when I’m cropping and annotating screenshots. If a -pe screenshot sits on my Desktop more than 30 minutes, Hazel puts it in a folder for me so I can use it later.