Earlier this year, Merlin Mann and a few other folks more progressive than I were creating a buzz around Huffduffer. For whatever reason, I didn’t pay much attention—until now.

Huffduffer is kinda like Instapaper for podcasts. Ever want to listen to a single episode of a show but not subscribe to the show? Yes? Then Huffduffer is for you. It lets you create your own custom podcast feed.

Huffduffer is so easy to set up and use even a non-geek could do it. Srsly.

  1. Grab a free account at huffduffer.com
  2. Drag the ‘Huffduff it’ bookmarklet to your browser’s Bookmarks Bar [1]
  3. Subscribe to your custom feed in an app like Instacast (my fave)

To add podcast episodes, just go to the episode’s web page and click your ‘Huffduff it’ bookmarklet.

As you add episodes, they’ll appear in your custom feed.

  1. I keep a ‘Send To’ folder on my Bookmarks Bar for things like this—Instapaper, Pinboard, etc.