I’ve been using Mr. Reader on my iPad a lot lately. I still think that Reeder is a more aesthetically pleasing place to read, but Mr. Reader has a few bells and whistles that make RSS feed management easier.

Like the designers of my favorite touch calculator, Soulver, the makers of Mr. Reader have embraced the the “press and hold” concept to add useful features without cluttering the interface.

For example, if you press and hold the blue read/unread dot, you’re given the option of marking items read above or below that point.

Mrreader pe

You can also mark items read based on their age by pressing and holding the ‘Mark all as read’ button.

Mrreader age pe

Other really useful feed management tools in Mr. Reader:

  • Add new feeds
  • Remove feeds
  • Move feeds to different folders
  • Add and remove folders or tags themselves

I also like how Mr. Reader remembers my last chosen article view. For example, if I last chose Readability to view the full text of a partial text feed, Mr. Reader applies that choice the next time I view an article in that feed. In effect, it transforms partial text feeds into full text feeds with no extra taps on my part.

Since Mr. Reader relies on Google Reader as a source for RSS feeds, there's no reason you have to abandon Reeder—or anything else that uses Google Reader. Everything syncs.