Instapaper was one of a handful of apps that I chose to discuss in detail in the “Apps for Actuaries” presentation I gave in Chicago last month. It’s an app that I think has tremendous practical value to anyone that reads online.

I think it’s important to talk about apps that you like.

Don’t assume your favorite apps will take care of themselves. Instapaper has more competition every day (though none of its competitors come close to the experience Instapaper offers).

Still, competition is competition. That’s why it’s important to advertise your favorite apps—tastefully—and talk about them in contexts specific to the person (or people) you’re addressing.

Others in your profession (life) might not read Apple-ly productivity sites, but they probably read HTML content of some kind—from random links in email to industry newsletters. They would probably benefit from Instapaper. And Marco Arment, Instapaper’s maker, would benefit from having them as customers.

I know that when I freely advertise useful apps, I win. If developers that make my favorite apps do well, I do well. And so I talk about them. A lot.

You should start talking, too.