Most of the time when I enter something in my OmniFocus inbox on my iPhone, it’s just a thought or single task. But sometimes thoughts are clearly projects from the outset. And sometimes I even know, say, four or five tasks that should go in the project.

I don’t like entering multiple individual actions on the iPhone. It’s cumbersome. Selecting contexts, start dates, etc. for each and every task takes time—time that I'd rather spend doing other things.

So I do this instead:

  1. Create an inbox action with a project title
  2. List individual actions in the notes section (one on each line)
  3. Save

Later, when I’m at my Mac, I can add contexts and other ingredients much more easily. I can also convert the actions listed in the note to individual actions by copying them, then pasting under the project:

  1. Select and copy tasks in note field
  2. Make sure you have at least one blank action under the project
  3. Make sure that your cursor is not inside the action editing it (i.e. press esc to select the entire action as a unit)
  4. Paste

Rocket science, this is not. I just think it’s more efficient to treat the mobile versions of OmniFocus as capture and execution tools. The Mac version of OmniFocus—and to a certain extent, the iPad version—are better for heavy planning and bulk actions.

In any event, I feel more productive when I prioritize capture above organization.

Others will thank you, too. Trying to build a detailed project in any kind of social situation—from boardrooms to evenings with your spouse—is a bad idea. Just get down the bones. You can be all cerebral later.