We know there is a widening economic gulf between the upper and lower classes. It's a First World gap that we tend to measure in monetary wealth.

But what about the information poor?

The WSJ:

The Sept. 11 attacks that triggered the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan also uprooted 16-year-old Abdul Ghattar from his village in war-torn Helmand province, bringing him to a desolate refugee camp on the edge of Kabul.

Yet Mr. Ghattar stared blankly when asked whether he knew about al Qaeda’s strike on the U.S., launched a decade ago from Afghan soil.

“Never heard of it,” he shrugged as he lined up for water at the camp’s well, which serves thousands of fellow refugees. “I have no idea why the Americans are in my country.”

Information inequity has always been a problem, but I think it will be a really big deal this century. Information is the real fiat money in a global economy. Some have access to information. Some don't.

Some have counterfeit.