A WSJ article on the growing trend of stand-up meetings in the tech industry, a culture looking for any way possible to divorce its ass from its seat:

Holding meetings standing up isn’t new. Some military leaders did it during World War I, according to Allen Bluedorn, a business professor at the University of Missouri. A number of companies have adopted stand-up meetings over the years. Mr. Bluedorn did a study back in 1998 that found that standing meetings were about a third shorter than sitting meetings and the quality of decision-making was about the same.

This article caught my eye because it made me think about how I much I like standing in meetings myself, even when others are sitting. For one thing, if I’m not in a meeting, I’m generally sitting at a computer. Meetings are a chance to not sit.

But I also feel more engaged when I stand, even if I’m not talking. And when I am talking, I feel like I have a greater command of people’s attention. Come to think of it, I don’t remember Darth Vader sitting in many meetings aboard the Death Star.[1]

  1. Yeah, I went there. And yeah, I just said “went there,” too. Boom.