When I got a chance to be an early reader of David Sparks’s Paperless Field Guide, I got so excited. Then sad.

Excited because it was the best multimedia e-book I’d ever seen. Sad because I couldn’t tell anybody about it.

Fortunately that long wait is over. David’s book is out, and it really is fantastic.

Maybe you’ve already been attempting paperless. Maybe you're curious about it. I don't care—you’ll learn something new. David covers it all, from capture to file management. And all the tools in between.

Beyond being extremely informative, Paperless is a beautiful work. And I do mean work. David sweated all the details. There’s no telling how many hours he spent perfecting the many screencasts embedded throughout the book. He also took care to select very high resolution images that look amazing on the new iPad’s Retina display.

If a book can be aesthetically practical, Paperless is it. It’s the best $5 you can spend in the iBookstore today.