Dr. Drang:

For a while, I was using both TextMate and BBEdit, but today I decided the testing phase is over. I removed TextMate from my Dock and put BBEdit in its place. I’ve changed the default application for files ending in .md, .py, and .txt and will change the default for other plain text extensions as I run into them.

It was with a nearly-tearful eye that I read that paragraph, though I've been expecting to see more and more of this from people whose text editing wisdom I trust—people like Dr. Drang.

For someone like Dr. Drang, switching default text editors is a big deal. A really big deal. And I know the decision wasn't easy.

I'm still using TextMate 1.5. However, I know that one day I'll have to choose between TextMate 2, Sublime Text 2, BBEdit, or whatever else pops up.

But for now, TextMate 1.5 still works fine for me in Mountain Lion, and I figure I've got at least until next summer before OS 10.9 ships. In other words, I've still got at least ten good months left with TextMate 1.5 before an Ocelot potentially eats it.

My primary "production" use of TextMate 1.5 involves its LaTeX bundle and its integration with Skim. I hope my next text editor makes my life as easy as TextMate has, but I'm admittedly nervous.