At this point, I can only assume that Feedburner is playing the part of Frank Poole in 2012: A Google Odyssey. The once-gold-standard in RSS feed management is now spinning around haphazardly in space. It’ll live for a little while longer, but the oxygen supply won’t last long. [1]

If you’d like to continue to invite Practically Efficient into your RSS reader, I strongly recommend updating the feed URL:

Or, click here for it. (I’ve also updated the RSS links on the site itself, so you can get it anytime at

The above URL comes directly from Squarespace 6, and in limited testing, I’ve found that it also updates faster than the Feedburner version I’ve been using.

In theory, my feed will continue to be published to the old Feedburner feed URL as well. So as long as Feedburner keeps breathing, the 5,000 or so of you using it will still see posts appear there, too. But as soon as the lights truly go out at Feedburner, that’s that.

  1. Google Wave was the first important Google service I had ripped out from under me. Feedburner is the second. I can’t help but question the lifetime of every Google service I’m still using. If you rely on Google services that you don’t pay for, you should definitely spend some time thinking about what life might look like if Google kills those services, too. When you aren’t the customer, don’t get too attached to the handouts.  ↩