Eons ago in internet time (a few months ago on the Gregorian calendar), a lot of people got really excited about Sublime Text 2. Now I'm giving it a spin.

I'm in the middle of an experiment to see if Sublime Text 2 can replace TextMate 1 for the LaTeX work that I do. So far, it's going extremely well.

I just put together a screencast for some folks that I work with, but I since there's bound to be two or three of you out there in RSS land that might be interested, I've made it public (watch on Vimeo).

Topics covered:

  • How to install the LaTeXTools plugin for Sublime Text 2
  • Setting up LaTeX projects in Sublime Text 2
  • Configuring Skim to sync with Sublime Text 2 so that you can switch from PDF to code at any place in the document
  • Miscellaneous tips from the perspective of a Sublime Text 2 beginner switching from TextMate

By the way, I also highly recommend Jeffrey Way's free Sublime Text 2 course if you're hungry for more Sublime Text 2 screencasts.