Speaking of that last Mac Power Users episode, my favorite podcasting pair, David and Katie, mentioned a great Mac app called Clarify.

Clarify is the kind of software I would selfishly create for myself if I were a developer. It makes organizing and sharing screenshots so easy I laugh a little bit at my pre-Clarify life each time I use it.

If you routinely send people screenshots—especially multiple screenshots—to show them how to do things, you should buy Clarify. This post should really end here, but for you not-too-busy folks, there's more. . .

Before Clarify, I would take several screenshots, then label the file names sequentially like step 1, step 2, etc., then open each one in Preview or some other annotation program and put circles, boxes, and text on the images. Then I'd attach them all to an email.

Now that workflow seems akin to clubbing a cow when I want a hamburger.

With Clarify, I just take the screenshots and drag them in. It automatically sorts them by time so they're already in the right order. After that, I can label/annotate each. When I'm done, I can PDF it, send it to Evernote, or copy the whole "document" to my clipboard.

The end product looks ridiculously professional, too.