By now, you've likely heard that David Sparks has released yet another Field Guide. In this one, he had the onions to take on email. I have to admit, back when I heard David was working on a book about email, I was a bit worried.

Email seems to be a subject that either invokes vomit or apathy depending on the person. How can someone write an interesting book about email?

Well, the only way I know to answer that question is this: get David's book. He really hit it out of the park. I thought I knew everything there was to know about email, but I quickly found out that David knew more. Buying Email should be a pretty easy decision. Who wouldn't want to get better at something they spend hours a day doing?

David's approach for this book in some ways reminds me of the Nest thermostat. David took a mundane, but infinitely pervasive problem—email, that is—and assembled a set of solutions that are as practical as they are elegantly presented.

I challenge you to find a more aesthetically pleasing piece of technical writing. Mike Rhode's original illustrations are fantastic.

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