In case you missed it, Dr. Drang wrote a nice response to my post on evaluating LaTeX with Alfred and Wolfram Alpha. Though he doesn't use Alfred, the Professor of Python does write a lot of LaTeX, and it would shock no one that knows of him to learn that he quickly cooked up some .py to query Wolfram Alpha from BBEdit.

For whatever reason, today I felt the urge to make a good thing better, and it occurred to me that someone out there on the internet had probably made a Wolfram workflow with more bells and whistles than the stock Wolfram workflow that ships with Alfred.

Sure enough, a little web search turned up a post from (of course) my good friend Gabe at Macdrifter, who pointed to me such a workflow written by David Ferguson.

David's workflow returns Wolfram results live to the Alfred interface without even having to go to the Wolfram site at all.

In early testing, it works flawlessly with standard LaTeX input. For example, here's the 1.9602 I was trying to get in the last post:

  <img src="/img/img.png" alt=""/>

Pressing ⌥↩ even puts the numerical result on my clipboard. So yes, this is a way to evaluate LaTeX expressions right in Alfred without having to even lose sight of your LaTeX code.

You do need a Wolfram app ID for this to work, but you can get one free here.