Imagine going back in time just a few decades and trying to explain to someone that computers will eventually become so integrated in our lives that we'll be willing to pay for a device that simply reminds us to stand up every so often.

Only time will tell if I keep paying attention to the stand reminder on the Apple Watch, but so far I have. I'm finding that even when I have to tear myself away from something, just standing up for a few minutes has been worth it—not just for the self-gratification of completing the stand ring in the Activity app—but for the extra bit of focus I have when I sit back down.

Working in front of a screen all day is an extraordinarily different environment than that of our ancestors. The human body, with all of its complex physical and mental connections, did not evolve to sit for hours straight day after day after day. There is no sense of a sedentary "destiny" in our DNA.

We can believe that we're more advanced than our ancestors, but we still ship from birth with the same biological hardware and software. Hopefully the Apple Watch will end up being the first truly mobile device—a device designed not just to be mobile, but to make us more mobile.

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