Dr. Drang's recent post on how to title-case text in Drafts reminded me of one of my most-used Sublime Text packages. Matt Stevens's sublime-titlecase adds a Smart Title Case menu command that converts text of any case to title case. It's powered by a python script derived from John Gruber's original Title Case Perl script.

I probably use this command at least a hundred times a week because it works so flawlessly to convert text into a consistent title case format.

One common use: I often sketch out a list of headings in a LaTeX document before filling them in. No matter how I get the headings in—by voice, copy/paste, or just speed typing—I don't have to worry about the case until they're all in. Using a keyboard shortcut I mapped to Smart Title Case, I can convert every line to title case with a single key command (all at once) using Sublime Text's multiple cursors and the Smart Title Case command.