Dr. Drang is tired of Donald Trump's bullshit. Which is essentially just an amen to Trump's preaching.

Trump isn't the traditional politician, but rather more of a singer-songwriter in his own indie sub-genre of republicanism.

I think it's very likely that Trump will be written into history as a chief catalyst in the unapologetic push to fully merge politics with entertainment.

Politicians have always been actors fundamentally. The ability to play a charismatic character on stage is an asset. Politicians with acting backgrounds have used their skills to great advantage. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are notable examples.

Nerds don't get politics because most of us are introverted and probably find acting in a non-Hollywood capacity disingenuous. Which it is. But it's the way things get done in a time when the competition for American attention has never been more intense. Entertainment works.

We implicitly accept that actors are essentially lying to us on screen for the sake of entertainment. If we can accept that the political actor is simply acting (lying for the sake of capturing attention), then it seems logical to allow it to merge with the entertainment sphere.

And entertainment has been borrowing from politics for years. Steven Colbert effectively played the part of a republican on The Colbert Report. If Donald Trump can bridge the gap between capitalist imperialist to acting by way of The Apprentice, who's to say he's not qualified for public office acting gig?

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