Maybe the high visibility of the "Apple vs. FBI" standoff has security on my mind more. I don't know. But a few days ago I decided to change my Apple ID password for the first time in a really long time. I'm still entering it.

The number of prompts on all my devices has been staggering. I know I shouldn't be surprised. I could walk across my home on iDevices if they were laid on the ground touching each other. We have 3 Macs in our home. And our Apple TVs... oh those I-love-them-and-I-hate-them Apple TVs.

Remind me how we ended up with five of them on our network?

And really the Apple TVs do offer the worst of all password experiences. Even though I can enter text with the iOS Remote app, it's still a chore. And many times I'm not even the family member who first encounters the password update prompt. "DAAAAD??!?!?!?"

All that to say, the Apple ID model leaves the security conscious among us wanting. Apple has good security intentions, and I believe my phone is secure. I have confidence in Apple's server security. But I don't have confidence in most people's will to use a strong password that they will have to enter 75 times after changing it, many of those times using a TV remote. I don't even have that confidence in myself.

Now excuse me while I reboot my Mac because a third party calendar app still can't seem to send my new password to iCloud.