AgileBits is leaving Slack:

Slowly but surely this addiction has been killing my sanity and sapping our productivity as we simply used Slack for too many things. We decided it was time to try a new approach for communication at AgileBits.

Honestly I agree with everything here. I like Slack, too. A lot of people seem to like Slack. But my experience with Slack is that it’s a Markdown-supported chat client on steroids. Right now I’m only using Slack to keep in touch with a couple of friends on work breaks. I can’t imagine working with Slack open all day. I definitely can’t imagine scaling it up for more than a two- or three-person team and not spending time talking all day.

I feel totally different about Basecamp, especially the new Basecamp 3. To me, it feels like more of a virtual office space, and it’s partitioned into a more logically-productive way. I think AgileBits is going to like Basecamp 3 a lot. I can’t recommend it enough for working with a small-ish remote team.