Back in December, I removed all Twitter apps from my phone. I felt that maybe Twitter was causing me to look at my phone too much, and I wanted to see if my phone habits changed as a result.

This experiment is over, and Tweetbot is back on my phone—and not because I wasn’t able to resist looking at Twitter.

It’s because I created a worse problem by removing Twitter. My desire for news and information didn’t die when I took Twitter away, and I began using the Apple News app. This turned out to be a horrible idea because no matter how much I tried to curate and tell Apple News what I wanted to see, it filled my “You” tab with mainstream headlines of death and disaster. The unfortunate reality of a news aggregator is that by the time you cover every tragedy in the last 24 hours, there’s no room for anything else.

It took a few months for me to truly realize the effect this was having on my mood, especially if I was foolish enough to look at it first thing in the day. I feel like the Apple News app itself is as much a tragedy as the headlines that flow through it, and I’ve moved it as far away from my home screen as I can get it.

So anyway—yes, Twitter, and all its attention baggage are back on my phone. Twitter will always have good and bad elements to it, but it’s the best all-purpose source of curated information I’ve found.