I’ve been surprised at the lack of posts on the new ScreenFlow 6. Version 6 adds several new features, most of which I have not had a chance to explore yet. The biggest “feature” I’ve notice in ScreenFlow 6 is that it brings back the stability that versions 4 and before had. Version 5 was still good, but it crashed a lot on me, especially with larger projects containing 30 minutes or more of raw recording.

ScreenFlow 6 is butter-smooth when it comes to zooming in and out on the timeline, even for very large projects. Wave forms also seem to draw much more reliably.

The only thing I’d nitpick is that they changed the behavior of the spacebar key, which will play/pause the scrubber during editing. Before version 6, pressing spacebar instantly paused the scrubber. Now, the scrubber pauses on release of the spacebar, which can cause a slight delay. Of course, K will still instantly pause (and L will play). You can also “hold and release” the spacebar to get more precise pausing. Like I said, nitpicking—but that’s what happens when you spend half your week in a great application like ScreenFlow.

My unsolicited and unpaid recommendation: upgrade to version 6.