Two (very close to) universal truths:

  1. We all know the best way to support app developers is by rating and reviewing their apps in the App Store.
  2. We all hate being bothered by in-app prompts to rate apps.

Like so many other unsolicited annoyances, I put off app reviews for a “later” that rarely ever arrives unless out of some unpredictable, random mood-strike—usually while I’m poking around in the App Store, not actually using the app.

And that’s the key: I’m more likely to rate an app when I’m not trying to get something done with the app.

I’m planning to try an experiment. I’m setting a weekly reminder to review an app—any app that I use all the time but haven’t yet reviewed. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation—just a (mostly) five-star rating and a couple of lines.

It seems like a small service cost to pay for great app development and frees me to continue canceling out of any rating prompts I get while using apps.

It would be cool if there was an “app review day,” too: a day for just saying thanks to your favorite app developers.